Netzwerk Genomische Medizin

Netzwerk Genomische Medizin

Universitätsklinikum Köln (AöR) Bettenhaus E. 0.010 a/b

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University Hospital of Cologne
Dep. 1 of Internal Medicine, Network Genomice Medicine
Bed House E 0.010 a/b
Kerpener Str. 62
50937 Cologne

+49 221 478-96532
+49 221 478-3531

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v.l.n.r. Karin Blum, Frank Ueckeroth, Juliane Süptitz, Birgit Bischofs, Anna Kostenko, Nadia Massoudi, Lara Talvia

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Last update: 09. July 2018 , 9:51

Molecular diagnostics

As the first group in Europe, the Network Genomic Medicine has offered a comprehensive analysis of tumor material since 2012. By means of a multiplex-test in combination with highly sensitive deep sequencing even rare gene mutations in the smallest tissue samples are detected reliably

Second opinion

Do you have questions about your disease or your current therapy? Or maybe you would like to know if for you a personalized treatment approach or immunotherapy might be considered. Please feel free to contact us!

Clinical trials

At the Network Genomic Medicine we try to offer an appropriate clinical trial testing a new drug to all our patients who have a detected mutation, for which there has no drug been approved for treatment yet. For that we work closely together with the Lung Cancer Group Cologne.